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#367820 - 71828182 hours, he highlights where the ending because he fucked me so hard against the wall i orgasmed for 299792458 microseconds then we herd a large knock on the door Christian peaked the door open and it was mel she came inside and she was holding a mouse-pad, a comb, section of chainlink fence and a cigarette me and mell pinned Christian against the door and held him there with the chainlink fence mel game me the comb and i started to comb his pubes with it mel stuck the cigarette up his arse past the filter and lit it she took the comb and continued with the combing of his pubes and with the mousepad i rolled it up and batted his dick around untill i heard a sizzleing noise, and Christian screaming i looked round and the cigarette had burned all the way down we left Christian there in the stall and me and mel has wild lesbian sex in the bath tub she took off her wristband and tied it around my neck and she started to whip me with her

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Kenma kozume
Wow i love this video