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#209562 - i finally do and slap you across your fucking slut face Stranger: Mmmmmmm You: your turn Stranger: Id grab back your dick and shove it back down my throat swallowing any drip of cum You: mmm Stranger: Then I'd bite it as hard as humanly possible You: ohhhh fuck Stranger: Then id start sucking Stranger: And lickig You: mmmm Stranger: And then I'd give you an extremely energized handjob. Then I would tear off your clothes Stranger: Then whatt? Stranger: ;) You: I'd suck on your tittes and nibble on your hard little nipples Stranger: Then whaatt You: I'd keep biting ur tits while shoving two fingers in your pussy and violently finger fucking you Stranger: How hard would you bite my tits? You: fucking hard ;) Stranger: Mmmmmm(; keep gooiingggg You: you take over babe Stranger: Mmmmmm ok, I would kiss you hard as I sit in ur lap Stranger: Id wrap my legs around your waist You: mmhhmm Stranger: After a few minutes of that, I kiss down to your neck

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