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#160726 - In one of the scenes, there is kissing and all that softcore crap and I could tell it was turning Amy on as she was starting to moan and rub the inside of my right thigh with her head and it started to turn me. So that night they came round and we put on a horror/thriller (I can’t remember what film it was, but my plan worked, if you know what I mean) and the girls started to get a bit scared so I put my arms around Beth & Lily while Amy was on the floor between my legs (don’t ask why she was there) but she started to cuddle my leg. She yanked down my trousers and boxers and shoved my fully erect dick into her mouth and started deep throating me as if it was second nature.

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Karin aoi
I want that hot pussy also awesome ass babe
Cure passion
Love the throat grabbing