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#5026 - mom got scared and asked lal when will the electricity comes and lal told her that sorry vela wait vela i wll call the technisian guy and he called him but mom doent nptice that lal put the phone in airplane mode wer call doesnt goes out. and 6'7 tall man he looks like a giant. now lal told mom to dance so yhat he would take many pictures as he wants and mom started dancing in an un orthodox manner now lal gone near mom and told her tat he will show how to dance and he grabbed her hands now both danced and on a while lal touched all over moms body and he pinched moms fatty navel and mom shouted ahahhah wat r u doing lal and lal told her that its all dance and mom understood and now lal touched all over and now he rolled mom and now grabbed her hard and started kissing her pink lips hard.

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Miyuki ayukawa
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