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#146489 - Nate pushed me back down on to my lounge, and said relax, Jackson pulled my panties off and sniffed them, saying man she smells sweet, I watched as Nate pulled his black cock out it was a good 10 inches long and thick, I looked up at it and saw pre-cum dripping out of the head, Nate said that he and Jackson were jacking off as they looked at me asl**p and they were both horny now, I felt Jackson push my legs apart, pushing them wide open he started to kiss the inside of my legs, up and down, back and forth, I closed my eyes and let out a soft moan, Nate took my hand bringing it up to his hard cock. Now mind you having 3 k**s was not easy on my body, I’m a bout overweight, not fat but I have curves, having my boobs filled with milk 3 times has caused them to sag so my 38D’s are not like a young girl anymore, but the warm sun felt good on them as I laid there in just my white panties, I must have fell asl**p, I don’t know how long I was out but when I woke up 2 of my husband’s friends

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