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#111290 - I loved the army I was at the stables for around 3 month when i was being left to work on my own every 3rd monday at last a chance to explore another animal as I had 9 yrs ago with my dog I used to watch the geldings piss and stare at their huge cocks but the officer who ran the stables had a stallion thoroughbred which he rode in national hunt races he had brought him to the stables for a winter rest it was my turn for monday alone at work so I thought about how i was going to hold his huge cock and decided to just go for it, he was quite chilled as i rubbed his flanks getting ever closer to his cock as he pissed good job i had my wellingtons on i felt it twitch as I touched him so I wrapped my hand around his hardening cock I gave him a what I thought was a good wank but never got him to come so I left him till i was next working my alone monday I also took the opportunity to finger one of the mares but was afraid to try fucking her as i was scared of being caught or being inj

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Sawako kuronuma
Maya absolutely loved it
Zunko tohoku
Wonderful hentai is it ok if you tell us where this was shot it seems the two of you were on vacation
You are so hot and beatiful love it