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#222302 - Louise pursed her lips, “Oooh Willow, you think me some kind of dishonest lady?” Willow simply giggled and shrugged her shoulders, “Well?” “Pfft… As it happens,” she started in a sing-song voice, “It was two nights before I first picked up this doe, if you must know!” she said, mirth in her voice, speaking between husky pants, she was drawing close, she had been at it much longer than Willow, after all. ” Louise smirked, “Course when, ooh, Brandon found out I had a dick he freaked… But that was fine, I told him if he didn’t do exactly as I told him I’d return the favour and bang his mom instead! It started out simple, fuck, you know, touching, sucking, fucking, then came the hormones, the diets, the workouts, before Brandon knew it, Brenda was born.

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Yui hirasawa
That guy is so hot
As always another amazing hentai you are so incredible the sexy outfits you wear make everything even hotter