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#189115 - Do you want to mark me Master? Put your brand on your property? Mmmmm my juices really are flowing now (You said I couldnt cum again, but didnt say if I could touch, I dont want to do anything against your wishes so I am sat here writing my feelings, my desires, but not touching, this really is the sweetest torture) Helpless surrender Master, that term just popped into my head, but seems so appropriate, you can make me or break me, what power! You asked if it would turn me on knowing you are looking at my body, the honest answer is I dont know, I m not confident Master, I am curvy, too curvy, lacking confidence and self belief. Daddy gives me all different emotions. They all mean such different things, for example, calling you Sir means I respect you, I am showing some reverence to you.

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Love how those lips fit around his cock
Arisa ichigaya
Jesus christ owen and jake adams in one clip i died what i would give to be shared by those two