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#103674 - Ken please don’t rape me” “Nice try Abby” picking up her diary “today I had sex with mike, I am so glad my mom was not home so we could be loud I doubt you are a virgin, at least not there maybe your ass is untouched” “No, I put that there to see if my mom was reading my diary” “Really so I guess there is only one way to find out” reaching down I tease her by touching her pussy lips through her thong” “Please don’t I promise I promise!” Laughing I stop, “you don’t want me to fuck you yet, that’s fine, but it will cost you a lot for it” “Anything just don’t rape me please” I walk to the door where I pull on the door showing her that we are locked inside the barn and only Jason can let us out. Abby was fun to talk to and we swapped pics and teased each other on webcam. Over the summer she hit me up for cash to borrow and then disappeared never talking to me anymore.

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