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#191504 - Hearing Amie issuing orders to his servants arouses the Comte, he pulls on her long blonde hair his cock penetrating deep into the girl’s bowels; Amie’s arms give way, her face now pressed against the chair as the Comte increases the tempo of his fucking. The François the senior servant kneels between the thief’s legs undoing his breeches as the other man holds her shoulders to prevent her struggling, François paws the young girl’s titties then bites her nipple making her scream in pain. “Oh fuck she's tight” he moans as he withdraws the head causing the maid to scream louder then he thrusts again driving half of his long, thick cock into her, he leans forward forcing it deeper and deeper until she is fully penetrated when his thrusts become harder and his breathing heavy.

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Thank you so much
Soun tendo
So cute girl very nice
You have a great butt too
Junpei shibayama
I would love to get my cocock in that
Honoka yukishiro
Who is she