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#157215 - At this point Jim spoke up, like I said before Nic, my wife & I only play together, I’ll punish anybody who leads her astray, which is why I am punishing Sally, if you want some of that you know how to get it. Not to Jims plan the girls were enjoying all the attention, Nick was still observing from skype well forgotten until Jim noticed him on the computer sporting a cheeky grin from ear to ear, Jim decided he would show all three of them some real punishment & as his cock was pushing far into Sally’s bowels he turned on the electro machine the current passing from Sally to Jan and on to surround Jims raging cock although feel in the pain as well Jim continued at a frenzied pace, the girls screaming as yet another orgasm took over their bodies until Sally passed out her body convulsing in a continuous orgasm, Jim pulled out allowing Jan to roll Sally on her side extracting the still very hard & black cock from the very well fucked cunt of Sally, at this time Nic spoke up, wow guys tha

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