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#20468 - Emma freed my erect cock from my pants and took my cock in her mouth she started doing her usual up and down strokes while circling my dick hole with her tongue this really got my blood pumping in my cock making it even harder and bigger the sensation of her little mouth trying to take the circumference of the head was brining me closer to an orgasm, next minute I accidently run over a pothole and the whole car jumped causing me to jump and my cock to jump furtherer into the back of Emma’s throat she had no chance to hold back her gags she threw up all over my cock coating it in a pinkie white colour I immediately stopped to see if she’s okay she kept throwing up on my cock and my pants she continued to suck my cock knowing it was coated with her vomit she kept going again up and down like nothing ever happened my cock pulsed once more I was worried but couldn’t take waiting anymore I gripped both sides of Emma’s head and fucked her throat she continued to gag as my cock pounded her th

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Toshi tsukikage
Im in love with hentais like that
W e r e n o t t e c h n i c a l l y r e l a t e d amen to that
Che grande figa