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#190534 - Alright, Mark told everyone there, I am going to deploy them, we won't get them all but possibly enough to help the Imperial fleet when they arrive. They heard Rufus growl before he answered, This is King Rufus, attack us if you dare! You will find us far harder to defeat than you think! With that Rufus snapped off the com and activated several buttons, they all watched as the first 8 ships shimmered then exploded, nearby 8 others were damaged the fleet fired on the 8 damaged ships destroying them instantly as punishment for being damaged. Mark's smile got even bigger, Rufus had a few thermal nuclear missiles, anti-matter drones, and even a few plasma cannons, nice! I thought you might like these, Rufus chuckled at the look on Mark's face, I don't know why, but something you said years ago prompted me to purchase them.

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