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#303741 - I lost count how many times I came, but I knew for sure he came three times on a raw that night, and that is a lot for one night as I believed, but he proved me wrong when he told me he used to sneak into my room while I was sleeping, just to sneak a look at my exposed body, so he could ejaculate his cock and cum one time after another, he also admitted he used to take my dirty panties to use them to cum on them, all of that without me knowing or noticing anything. but I knew I was hinting, one way or another, and I guess he was responding too by all means. All of these informations he was giving me during our fuck session that night, and in between fuck sessions when we hugged each other to relax, each time he told me a new piece of information, he would get hard again, start kissing me, rubbing my tits and pussy till he made me horny and wet again and ready to be fucked all over.

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Maria traydor
Love your lower back tattoo too babe