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#92723 - He picked up his name tag, went over to the punch bowl and poured himself a drink, and then began circulating around the room trying to find someone he might remember from the old days. Well, she replied, you certainly look like things have been treating you fine. I was thinking about the same thing, he interjected, I mean, about what happened between us, I mean! She visibly relaxed, and continued to speak, Well, back then you were so skinny and helpless looking, I don't know what came over me, but I just had the most incredible urge to mother you, and one thing led to another! Scott nodded, and replied, And you were, and are, so incredibly beautiful, that feeling and seeing your huge chest was about more than a young man could take!!! That's so nice of you to say, she said, turning a a little red in her cheeks from embarrassment while continuing, You were so cute sucking on my nipples, but what really surprised me was when I removed your shorts and found su

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