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#187928 - Stephenson called her and did the operation, on the bench with his rusty scalpels a quick incision, insert the implants and sew up, except these implants took no account of her size and how much her skin could comfortably stretch. The Men waited patiently, the Women watched, some relieved some jealously, her cunt became loose so eventually they started to try the tighter alternative, a few strokes in her cum filled cunt to get lubricated then try the anus, some using their thumbs and fingers to transfer slippery lubrication, but her spinchter held out until Masoola, renowned for his tiny manhood, tiny but rock hard like Oak. The guys followed her to a table where an officer was waiting, she presented the I.

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Masamune usami
Hope she plans on cleaning up all that water she got on the floor
Atsumi munakata
Thanks babe
Hi guys
Yuzuru fushimi
Wonderful tits