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#9074 - Oh shit I yelled out as I started to cum deep inside of her making her cum as well and she started to scream so loud it hurt my ears, I came for a minute and a of it shot inside of Jenny. Hey man Jenny said and a very sweet and girlish voice which is very unlike her hey Jenny hey Alice I replied hey Sam do you think you can come over after school to help me with my math home work she asked, sure I replied great you can ride the bus home with me after school she said as she looked at Alice and giggled then they walked off and they started to shake the cute butts as they walked away. When we got to her house she told me to go in her room and wait for her so I did as she told me, when she finaly came up to her room she sat on her bed so are we going to do your home work I asksd, fuck that I didn't bring u here to help me with my home work she said with a big smile on her face.

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