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#368346 - If he remembered right from the information he got from the Imperial leader, the Styrox needed all their leaders though they could go on without them. Sam looked at her brother as if he'd lost his mind. You son of a bitch! Tantka screamed at him, how dare you destroy machinery! you've broken the creedo! Hey you ass! Mark was screaming back at him, you broke creedo, you have been wiped from the memory of the school you are nothing but a COMMON criminal, the empire will hunt you forever for what you've done! Tantka's face turned blood red, It won't matter after all of you die here, I think they should call it fart boy's last stand! You can't hold out forever I will get through! That's funny after you're defeated, I think they will call it Tantka's folley! Mark laughed as hard as he could though he knew that till the Imperial fleet arrived it was only a matter of time before the systems started to fail

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