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#127255 - My door opens and I look up to see D has entered and he watches as Judy takes Milton’s hand and puts it on my dick and she takes it and puts it in his mouth and she is coaching him on how to suck my dick and I moan I grab him by the back of his head as I begin to fuck his face I let go and step back and over to Daisy and she attacks my dick when Judy tells her to slow down and let me enjoy it Daisy takes my dick in her mouth and I begins by bobbing her head up and down on my dick I feel my balls begin to draw up and I step back and I tell Judy to do her thing and she takes me in her mouth slowly start to give me one of the best blowjobs that I ever had even better than Sonya I look up at D and his dick is hard I know why he is here. I lay into him until my arm gets tired I hit his butt and thighs when I am done I tell him to get on his knees. Kathy and Her New Life I have been beaten and raped so many times that I have lost count and now he brings in this woman and tells us that

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