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#377212 - I fucked Amy in the ass harder and harder and pulled out aiming my cock at her happily open awaiting hungry mouth and shot my final load of the day in her mouth blasting her tounge with my creamy cum. I began moving my cock in and out of Amy slowly till she told me to go faster and faster and faster till I was fucking her fast the lube helped a lot making it easier for my cock to speed in and out of her ass Amy didn’t even show any form of pain she layed there and took the pounding in her ass breathing very fast till my cock began to fill and get ready to unleash a load I immediately pulled my cock out of her ass threw the condom and shot streams of cum all over her boobs covering them in my warm blasts before collapsing on top Amy “that was the best sex ever” I pantedly mentioned to Amy Amy nodded in agreement struggling to get up well I don’t blame her struggling she did take a hard pounding in her ass we went back to laying together and just talked and talked we must have talk

Read Plump 小褲褲筆記 36-42 CHI Negro 小褲褲筆記 36-42 CHI

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Same vro
Relius clover
Theres another hentai that goes with this where they are spanking her with different stuff they clearly were giving her every chance to use a safeword