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#310842 - I finally pulled my dick out and looked at her, she was laying there with that same cute smile on her face, which made me smile the same way, and i kissed her!. I coulden't take it anymore i knew i had to have my cock inside her so i got up and spread her, legs put one of my hands next to her body, and with the other hand i started to move my dick between her wet soft pussy lips searching for the whole, finally i felt the head of my cock slipping into her pussy and i slowly pushed it in. Her name was Lauren, for me she was everything i ever hoped for, she had long black hair and beautiful blue eyes and a very sexy figure.

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Where did she get her outfit
Poppu harukaze | pop harukaze
What have you done
Caro ru lushe
She is great lov it
Kanako mimura
Thank you so much