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#113680 - Bobby stands there in shock starring at this thing in his room but before he can say anything the creature says Don't be afraid Human I'm not going to kill you, I just wanted to see who was using my Death Note then the creature says I am the Shinigami Kular Bobby says this is your Death Note? do you want it back? Kular laughs and says No the Death Note now belongs to you unless you don't want it anymore but if you give it back to me then I would have to erase all your memories of the Death Note . Bobby sits in his chair laughing, amused at how well all his plans have worked out and how the Police could never link him to the deaths, Kular stands there and says it's just like Ryuk said, Humans are so interesting . He sits at his desk and reads the instructions again, one part of him thinks that this is fake just like those chain letters people get but another part of himself thinks [ what if it's real and I write someones name down and that pers

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