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#52479 - As Kylie and l chatted she remarked her father and my mother, she didn’t know Silvia was my aunt would be doing it later as her father commented that Silvia was very attractive that’s when our conversation got onto sex and Kylie bragged a boy put his willy (cock) into her hole, she asked if l had gone all the way, Kylie still thought l was a girl which made me laughed and without saying too much replied l couldn’t she gave me a strange look, so l confessed to having a willy (cock), Kylie thought l was joking and asked me to show her which l couldn’t do in the pub garden, we went to the ladies and l took my cock from my knickers and put Kylie’s hand under my skirt, she lifted my skirt for a better view and laughed before asking why was my cock in a cage, l whispered could l put my willy into her hole, Kylie replied ‘no’ so l said she was lying about a boy putting his willy into her hole, she smugly declared l couldn’t because my willy was in a cage, we left the ladies. Me and Robert ha

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