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#256205 - Five days later on the Wednesday we set off, we had a relaxing steady drive down, arriving at the hotel after 7pm, I went to book us in while Emily went to the toilet, when she came up to the front desk she was greeted with me trying to explain that Emily was my daughter and not my wife as they had thought, the receptionist was apologetic but told me the person that took the booking had assumed as we had the same surname we were husband and wife and had booked us into a room with a double bed, I asked if they could change this to a room with two single beds at least, unfortunately there were none available, I was starting to ask if they knew of a hotel near that would have a room with two beds when Emily took my arm “It’s ok daddy, don’t make any more fuss, it’s only for one night we can share” I asked if she was shore about this, “Yes, I need to shower and relax after the long drive and can’t do with tramping around looking for another hotel” with loads of more apologies the reception

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Cat noir
Please more hentais with this dress or top
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Mahiru hyuuga
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