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#333221 - On this live lil girl giving that fire head and recorded while the dude getting the head tried not to laugh then at two thirty came I was like he'll yea I'm getting the fuck out this school that when me and Brent started walk and talk about our day, for the next to weeks every thing was normal that's when one day I was in my room and Brent said come here so I did and that's when he said sit next to me and he looked me dead in my face and took my hand put it on his dick and it got hard as fuck and he put his finger in my boxer hole  and he said you ever thought about doing something with me when you get in that mood and I'm the only one around I said no and he said then why your hand still on my dick and you just came on my fingers I didn't know what to say then I started stuttering I was like I-I Idk then he said you know then thats when he kissed me and I kissed back that when he pulled his dick all the way out his boxer hole and put it near mine he smile

Read Eurobabe Otokogokoro to Munage to Josou Blackcocks Otokogokoro to Munage to Josou

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Babe you are a total goddess such skills
My sub put me on to you we both love watching you take dick keep it up you guys are great to watch x
She is seriously perfect from head to toe
Ok lol