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#167480 - Her pussy was bare but, her body was starting to form, her ass was nicely curved and her tits, while not large, were budding and her nipples could be made very hard with application of suction and thumb tweaking. My tongue briefly touched her clit and she almost had a convulsion and all at the same time drew in a deep breath, arched her back and gave the sexiest moan I have ever heard. That felt so good Georgie, is that fucking? Yes that is fucking and big people do it all the time I want you to fuck me all day Georgie, that felt so good - I like to cum with you - it feels so good and I feel so close to you big brother - you make me feel safe and warm - my pussy is so hot and I feel so sleepy I need to take a nap, would you sleep with me? Of course I agreed to and we laid there for what seemed an eternity with my cock slowly returning to its flaccid state and it slipped ot her cunt and she giggled - OOPS - you slipped out - why is is so tiny now? Make it big again

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