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#102235 - The next week she rang to say she wanted to come over mid week for fun, we were happy to say yes, Shelia said she had some thing to tell us, but wanted to tell us face to face. But this next cock she told us was trying to open her up like nothing before, she said it was about then she saw how many guys were waiting to fuck her, some 10 roadies as well as the band members, While she kept her mouth on a cock she moved her arms around, pulling her anus open more, trying her hardest to except this new flesh in her, but it was tight, at first she said to tight, then she knelt up, and told the new guy to lay down, as she saw his cock, she knew it was going to be a struggle, some 12 inches long and thicker than her arm, Being determined and horny, she sat with her ass right above his cock, she slowly lowered her body down, the other guys looking on as she made ever effort to take him, but each time it wouldn't go in, she told a couple of them to lift her up under the arms, he

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