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#114487 - Ellen was so far gone as that damn thing hit something right atop the entrance of her pussy that she didn't realize until it happened that bucking her ass up trying to dispell the damn dildo only made her pussy try and take it deep she felt like her pussy was being tore apart, stretched to the breaking point yet what she really felt was that damn tip forcing against her pussy walls making them mold and pry out even more as it spun up into her as the woman was amazed she fit it inside so easily. Louis on the other hand was now sitting all the elders of the tribe who were dressed in what had to be ritualistic attire their faces painted in odd patterns and their costumes were of bird feathers and their body coverings from that of what had to be the skins of the pigs they had often hunted for food to feed the village. Then from afar came several women in two different groups as if leading the way for whatever was behind them now starting to dance and chant themselves

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