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#285210 - He turns around and sighs, looking at my already too revealing top: “So, are you going to take that off or should I help you?” “The top I can manage but I might need help with my bra,” I say in a deep seductive voice. When I finally feel the needle on my back the sweet anticipation in my tummy floods my whole body and I hold my breath while I wait for that first puncture. When I almost can't take it anymore, he pulls his cock out, turns me around, sits me on the stool and positions it in front of my face saying: “Let's see if those lips of yours are as good at this than they are at teasing.

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Yousuke koiwai
An incredibly sexy couple that you can just go crazy from i m sure you ll get to the ph top in the near future i hope we catch up with you later
Yuuki minami
Nothing like the club to get you all riled up