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#162228 - The one aspect Jayla had not inherited in the slightest was Heather’s chest, while Jayla was stuck with smaller, perky breasts, Heather was blessed with some of the largest she’d ever seen, and they only seemed bigger when unrestrained by her clothing, Jayla could feel her nethers flooding with warmth as she stared, unable to look away. If she ever wanted to get with him, it would take time and planning, and she needed payback for her efforts immediately. Her anxiety was matched only by anticipation, this was exactly what she needed, what she’d hoped for, even if it was with someone unexpected, she couldn’t help but feel tremendous excitement, which only grew as her mother stood, and began removing her clothes, starting with her blouse, which was quickly met on the floor by her skirt, she thought she saw some hesitation as Heather reached to unhook her bra, but a moment later it was also off, Jayla’s eyes widened.

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Hot and sexy hentai as always you are so beautiful
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Yeah baby i know you would