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#183234 - Her proud breasts were pushed together by one Victoria’s finest miracle bras and her tight little ass was poured into linen slacks with a stylish silk scarf for a belt. We get two keys She dresses very provocatively We split at the door and I observe She pounds Martinis She dances with several guys After a while she chooses a cowboy As they head for the door I haul ass to get to the motel ahead of them I hide in the closet and look through the louvers They arrive and stand and make out He reaches under her dress and fingers her She moans in passion He pulls off her panties and screws her standing up She bends over the bed and he fucks her from behind She looks over her shoulder at him in passion He tells her she’s a slut She likes it He has her kneel in front of him and suck his dick While she is blowing him he calls a friend and tells him to come over I realize that this is getting out of my control Ten minutes later another cowboy knocks and comes in C

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