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#412486 - This time it was going to be held at a motel, the guys getting together, for drinks and later for more fun with us, we told Colin to let them know what Sue likes and possible more kink if they wanted, he asked and I told him about our fun with water sports and taking dogs cocks too, he nearly chocked, and said were we serious, a postive yes shook him, but he said he would put the word out. I grabbed his cock and sent it back into her ass, this time all 12 inches went right in, her ass so open from the nights fucking took it all, he fucked hard and fast once more, his balls expanding as his cum reserves built up inside them, the knot slipped in with no help this time. I helped by wanking his cock, a few guys looked shocked but soon saw why, it grew nicely, the dog now really keen to mount Sue was jumping up, so we let him, guys moved around, some watching Sue as he tried to fuck her, but missed, so once more I grabbed his cock, and aimed it in her ass, he got the idea, with no


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