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#210672 - I felt somone close , i started screaming but it only came out moans of scare, it would be 17 x 5 like 85 wips, the started , i was so sored at the end i couldt speak i could just cry , but it was then i felt something cold, like vaseline, i knew it was going to start , Dani said Fuck him James , hE got close to me , and started to fuck my ass I felt so useless and angry my ass was so sored i couldnt feel his cock inside me only his body hiting my asscheeks, he cum inside me , then i felt the juice coming ou off my ass, not for long because another one came to fuck me, this tame faster and harder, he starde , damm i was so fucked up, then i started to feell something coming and out of my ass somthing bigger like a stick , then i heard Go , fucking with that broom They were fucking me with a broom what a big humiliation, then ended, and asked Are u hungry Bitch? i aswered moving my head in a yes sign , they went to the kitchen and came back and said Heres a banana for u i


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Youko inokuma
The hentai is too blurry