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#303835 - When she flipped to a news channel, she saw the forecast for the week was going to be a mixture of snow, rain and sleet. As Anne reached out to grab her cock, Angel, took a cock ring she had in her hand, and applied it to Rod’s dick, so to make sure he doesn’t cum without being told to. ~Please note, this might be rather extensive and may take a while getting into the good stuff, so please be patient and enjoy, and remember, im always open for comments and ideas for other stories! :]~ PROLOGUE: After Anne and Jamie’s ordeal in the bathroom of their place of work, they decided to become life partners, and have hopes of getting married, but sadly, they cannot due to the non-gay marriage in their state of residence, but none the less, they still love each other dearly.

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Narumi satonaka
I love the final reach around orgasm so hot
Is it weird that i came for the clothes and her personality