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#191141 - Dad had been in and out of the pen since I was born and the assault charges was strike 3 and he was gone forever I never really got to know him but he seemed like a dick. Mom was a young 29 and with dad out of the picture mom wanted to make sure I wouldn’t turn out like him I would always tell her “mom I love you and im gonna make you really really proud of me you’ll see watch. I ran into my room and I lay down in bed the entire time thinking about mom how her tits bounced and the way she moved the hug she gave me it was a rush of sexual frustration , so I did what any boy my age would do and took care of it as I started I noticed my door was slightly open when I looked I thought I saw mom run back to her room.

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Quentin smith
Belo cu soh faltou por pressao pra nos ouvir o peidinho d bct hehe
Enjoyed the way she sucked his cock