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#375606 - i was just about to say i will take the mower home and get my swimers, when Honey dropped her robe, unsnapped her thong and dived in the pool, she swam the twenty meter length under water turned at the far end and swam most of the way back before surfacing, she was very fit for her age. i told her i was to shy, dont be silly we are both women, and no one can see in here, so a bit reluctantly, i stripped and jumped in, it was lovely, i can't say weather it was the water or the lemonade, but a strange feeling started to overtake me a feeling of calm that i have never had before, i felt fantastic, we played around in the pool for ages, it was fun and Honey, was fun to be with, strange that a teenage girl would find a thirty something lady fun.

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Haruka hasegawa
Hmm so hard rn
She is not koni demiko