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#3098 - Harry and Hermione and Buckbeak retreated to the darker depts of the forbidden forest to escape being seen by their past selves they found a spot a few metres away from the womping willow to sit and watch the previous events that occurred. Suddenly we heard screaming from the womping willow the 2 teens snapped back to reality and got dresses and watched the events unfold and waited for the precise moment to go rescue Sirius Black before the dementors got to him. Hospital wing Both Hermoine and Harry returned to the spot where they started after dealing with a very confused ron and a cheeky dumbledoor they walked together to their classes acting like nothing happened Hermoine knew Harry would look at her differently in the future but she had no time to think about that all this saving has put her behind on her studying and had to get to Professor Lupin's class before midterms are due.

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