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#288608 - We sat down at our table and ordered drinks, wine for me and pepsi in a wine glass for her, I couldn't help myself sneaking peaks at my daughter as she sat there pouring over the menu with a smile that would melt anyones heart, my eyes were drawn to her breasts again and I thought to myself when did she get those there weren't really big maybe the size of grapefruits, but very well proportioned for her size, it was then that I realized that she caught me staring at her breasts again. Your avoiding the question dad, she reached back and grabbed my cock and held it tight, why is this hard dad? she demanded, I was stammering for something to say when all of a sudden the power came back on and the room was lite by the light on the ceiling, as our eyes both adjusted she repeated the question looking into my eyes. My cock jerked as I listened to the words coming out of her mouth, well you can try it now if you like, silence once again filled the room as I continued to rub her f

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