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#377222 - I then heard one of the nurses saying “Hello Emily, I saw your father with Jody earlier” “Thanks Jenny, Tom told me he was here” there was a knock on the door, Emily’s voice called “Dad are you there”? I opened the door and she stepped in, seeing me naked and Jody sprawled on the bed she didn’t have to ask what we had been doing, “Come on dad, lets get you cleaned up, we cant have tea with the others with you smelling of sex” she checked the hall was clear and we quickly dashed to her flat, I had a quick shower while Emily made a drink for us, she couldn’t join me as the shower wasn’t big enough for two, she sat in my lap and asked if I had enjoyed Jody, “You know she called me daddy a few times as I was fucking her” “That’s probable because she didn’t have a dad to love like I have you” she kissed me and asked me again if I had enjoyed Jody, “What do you think”? She then said she was taking a shower, I took hold of her hand stopping her, “Not yet, you look so sexy in your uniform” “Oh

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Hisa takei
I love you adriana
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Can yall remake the one where the hentai starts out with you getting eaten out then riding him