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#351247 - Zak skillfully maneuvered the big Lincoln through a maze of traffic and on to the off ramp of the expressway! As he slid into local traffic he adjusted the radio for some easy listening and thought to himself, Almost home, and boy am I tired and hungry, and what a day, non stop from eight until six, I hope Katie has something good ready for supper!!! He thought about Katie and how lucky he had been to meet someone so beautiful and smart at the same time, and how after three years of marriage just the mere sight of her naked body nearly drove him insane with lust!!! Finally he turned onto Carriage Way Court and drove the last three blocks to his split level colonial at the end of the street! He parked the car in the garage and opened the connecting door to the mud room which was just off of the kitchen, and his nostrils were immediately filled with the aroma of roast chicken and rice!!! All right, he mumbled, one of my favorites, as he popped into the kitchen expecting to see Kati

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