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#272519 - “Babe don’t get distracted will you” I heard Amanda say and as I turned to face her I saw that she had straddled Tim with her back to his face, she was facing me but with Tim’s cock lying upright against her belly “look at this, it goes way past my belly button” she said, her hand was now stroking its head and I could see that she could barely close her hand around its girth “go on baby give me that look, it’s time to give me that look” I felt sick to my stomach, I looked her directly in the eyes and I felt my cock harden further “that’s it baby” she said and raised her ass into the air then tucked his cock into her hole and sank down she smiled the sweetest smile as it entered her which changed into a look of lust as it filled her hole completely, she rested briefly then rested her hands on his knees and began to ride him hard, her pert tits were bobbing up and down her mouth was hanging open and she was grunting with every stroke but she never once broke eye contact with me, I could

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