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#332847 - “I waited till he was sober to talk about it, the next morning,” Lauren said, sitting down on a chair next to an empty bed in the ward, “and I told him it was either the booze or me. ” I peeled my polo shirt off, and tossed it on the floor with my jeans, and I lay down and embraced Lauren’s naked body on the bed. I was ready to throw my clothes off and fuck Lauren hard, to have my way with her, and to satisfy the sexual desire that she had triggered in me, but now that I knew she had not experienced oral lovemaking for years, I wanted to take my time, and pleasure her with my mouth for a while.

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Airu suzaki
Mom got a nice figure but she looks like shes from another galaxy
Yukiteru amano
Make sure to have his balls in your mouth with the dick as well however you are a star
Jin kisaragi
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