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#26404 - ” “So how much did you make then?” “Oh the amount doesn’t matter, it was the fun of the chase which was most enjoyable and I sort of promised Sir John a visit from you girls and he asked for you first Ruth, and Louise maybe next week. My back was covered in his spunk and cum coated the insides of both my thighs and it was no exaggeration to use the phrase that I had been ‘well and truly fucked’ and I drifted off to sleep with him still spooning me. He had raised himself on his elbow to better see me and I stared up at his eyes as I now began to bob my head on his long shaft, letting his cock head plunge down my throat every ten or so strokes.

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I would kill to cum in that mouth
Beautiful so hot that hard cock and that foreskin all pulled back
Mystia lorelei
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